GCH Penndragon Masaniello
Ch Lake Cove That's My Boy
Ch Ale Kai Mikimoto on Fifth
Ch Ale Kai Diamonds and Pearls

Ch Lake Cove of Course

Ch Serekunda Pearls
Ch Serekunda Sarah's Choice
Multi BIS GCh Penndragon Owain 
Ch Astoria Unleashed
Am Can Ch Carrington Baroque Xcitement
Am/Can Ch Carrington's All Fired Up
Can Ch Carrington's Fire On Ice

Ch Kaylen's Cadillac Style

Gregmar Cadillac Kiss
Ch Sharbelle Kisses to Gregmar
Ch Graphic Poltergeist
Ch Whisperwind on a Carousel
Ch Sauvies Islander
Graphic First Lady

Ch Graphic Contraband
Ch Graphic Blue Moon
Ch Gibson Glamour Girl
Ch Penndragon Alchemist
Ch Serekunda Pearls
 Ch Trelarken's Turn Back Time
Ch Lake Cove of Course 
Ch Lake Cover Just for the Joy of it 

Eng Ch Kamarris T'Onyyan
Am/Eng Ch Serekunda Sarah's Choice
Serekunda Sara Jane