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                 About us


We live in Benicia California, on the Carquinez 
Strait, very close to the Napa Wine Country.
Rick grew up with a Poodle from a Dutch 
German breeding, purchased in Germany
where his father was stationed after the war. 
Babette, lived to be 17 years old and traveled 
with the family back and forth from the United
States and Germany.  When Rick and I bought
our house, it was a race to pick our first dog. 
I wanted an Airedale, which is the dog Iíd 
grown up with and of course Rick wanted
a Poodle.
The first to find a puppy got to pick the breed. Rick won; and our beloved Solo was the
start of our passion in Poodles.  Solo was also our first show dog, and  the beginning of
many new adventures and friends who share our passion for beautiful dogs.

Rick and I are both very committed to giving back to the sport of dogs,  we
are both members of the Wine Country Kennel Club and I am also a member
of the Poodle Club of America and Poodle Club of Central California.
We are also proudly Breeders of Merit designated from the AKC.


Our philosophy

We strive to breed first for temperment, health and to the breed standard.

We donít breed very often, and when we do our puppies are whelped in
a quiet bedroom upstairs, than they are moved to our kitchen/family room.
This gives them lots of opportunities to experience all the different things
which will make it easier for them to adjust to their new homes.  Puppies
get to play on grass, gravel, decks and everything else we can think of.
When they are old enough they get to meet lots of new people including
children.  This allows us to get a very good sense of what their
personalities are like and help them to pair with the right home. At the
age of 8 weeks, the puppies are given a temperament test, this gives us
a very valuable second opinion about what kind of home will be best for
each individual puppy.  At 8 weeks, we judge the puppies for conformation,
deciding which puppy may be our future star or will be placed into a
companion or performance home. Our puppies will have been given
their first set of shots and be crate trained.

We breed for health by making sure that all genetic testing has been completed.
All breeding stock is tested for Hips, Thyroid, Eyes, VonWillebrands, and SA
(sebaceous adenitis) and Neonatal Encelopathy. All tests are completed at
the age of 2 years (24 months) and will tell us that the dog is healthy and a
candidate for breeding. We strongly urge all Poodle enthusiasts to learn
more about these issues by looking at the links we provide to the
Poodle Club of America, the Poodle Health Registry (which does an excellent
job of educating all of us on health issues in poodles) and the
Orthopedic Foundation of America.




Rick and Kim Bates